Oncology Practice Revenue Cycle Management

At OPS, our effective revenue cycle approach ensures that clients earn their deserved income. Beyond just keeping the doors open, this allows physicians to focus on delivering high-quality care and sets their practice up for future growth.

What Is Revenue Cycle Management?

Revenue cycle management provides the most up-to-date, accurate, and efficient billing processes. This is essential to maximize quality treatment and cost performance. OPS uses trusted strategies to deliver highly efficient revenue cycles that improve financial performance for oncology practices.

OPS is the trusted revenue cycle management partner among the oncology community. With 40+ years of experience, our team of experts makes sure that you earn the appropriate income to continue to grow your practice. While you focus on vital clinical work and patient care, we make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. We have the appropriate resources and actionable insights to handle all aspects of operational management, including financial, regulatory, and strategic needs.

Most importantly, effective management gives physicians more time to focus on patients and delivering exceptional care. Additional benefits of revenue cycle management include:

  • Decreased costs
  • Reduced denial rates
  • Higher rates of error-free claims
  • Fewer past-due payments
  • Detailed insight into finances and other performance indicators
  • Increased revenue and profits
  • Workflow optimization based on data-driven solutions
  • Up-to-date patient information that reduces the burden on staff
  • Billing approach for the mandatory RO-APM on January 1

Our Revenue Cycle Services

As a partner dedicated to your success, we respond to your practice’s needs and provide valuable insights. Our wide range of comprehensive offerings helps to bridge any operational gaps and drive future profitability.

Billing and Collections

The policies employed by OPS are proven to make a significant difference for the practice's support. Our strategic approach to future profitability results in impressive results for days in AR, net collections, clean claim rates, and other metrics.

Revenue Cycle Team

With an average of 17 years of experience, our billing team offers leadership and support.

360 Degrees

Our team of experts assists with all revenue cycle needs, including billing and collections, payroll, tax, accounting, reporting, budgeting, auditing, and practice analysis.

Our Approach to Revenue Cycle Management

For the most successful partnership, you can engage with OPS in a few different ways. Clients have a variety of plans to choose from based on their individual needs. Along with revenue cycle management, you can combine financial services with practice and 3rd party support. This flexibility allows for optimum synergy across all services.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Process

Revenue cycle management with OPS is highly customized to fit your practice’s specific needs. Our team of experts identifies operational problems and promotes solutions that work for you. As a flexible process, our strategies improve performance and capacity at any scale.

In general, we will use the process below:


What Makes OPS Different

OPS is the operational partner of choice in the oncology community, managing practices like our own so physicians can focus on patient care. Driven by an eagerness to go above and beyond, we constantly innovate solutions to relieve the burden of practice management.